Are you self-employed?

Did you know you may be able to purchase a home too! Being self-employed can be very frustrating when trying to borrow money But did you know there is a special program just for you! Products Business For Self (Alt. A) Program This program is designed for self-employed borrowers who are unable to provide traditional income verification but have a proven 2-year history of managing their credit and finances responsibly. Eligible borrowers typically own a small size business for a minimum of two years, which can be confirmed via a third-party arm’s length document. In addition, the borrower is required to declare their annual income and annual business revenue, which should be reasonable based on the industry, length of operation and type of business. I have processed numerous mortgages for self-employed professionals.  If you’re looking to find out if this may live possible for you, give me a call. Denise 416-629-5363