Why should I use Denise as my mortgage broker?

Simple! With over two decades of experience in the field and a strong background in finance, my expertise and understanding of the industry are unparalleled. I love what I do and look forward to working with new and repeat clients knowing I’ve helped them build the best foundation for their financial future.  If you’re still deciding on using an institution or a broker, there are a few things to consider. For example, financial institutions can only sell their products to the public. Because of this, they are unable to provide unbiased advice or much of a selection since by doing so, they risk losing your mortgage to another company whose product might just provide more value to you.  I provide mortgage products and services from a variety of lenders, not just one. Because of this, I can look at options from banks, trust companies, insurance companies and credit unions for the best product, rate and terms for your particular needs. I can also negotiate on your behalf, structure deals to meet the criteria of the lenders, and get you a mortgage solution that works well. Remember, my primary role is looking after your interests, not the lender’s. To gain market share from brokers, the majority of lenders pay a finder’s fee for referred business. Due to the volume of business I do, the lenders pay fees promptly and to ensure the continued flow of business, they provide fast approvals. This allows my team to shop amongst various financial institutions for a mortgage rate and product that best suits the unique needs of the client.  Another thing to note is if you deal directly with a financial institution and, for whatever reason, your mortgage is declined, you must begin the application process all over again with another lender. When you deal with my team directly, the application can be quickly redirected to another lender—or several other lenders—for consideration.